It is extremely important in Ex business scope to have an infrastructure prepared to meet expectations and the trust of our customers.

Thereby, we count on having a skilled labor, quality management control, high technology measuring instruments and testing equipment,what help us to assurance quality assurance as well as the products progressive improvement.

Currently, our infrastructure involves specialized sectors and due to the quality management improvement of control processes, Sermatex Grün implemented the  business management on the SAP platform.

Moreover, in reason to be constantly innovating, improving, and ensuring our products development and quality of our products, we have an internal laboratory that supports the most critical tests required by national and international standards, for example:

• Climatic chamber to perform tests at high temperatures and humidity.

• Cold Chamber (minimum temperature of -65 ° C).

• Cold Chamber for lamps (minimum temperature of -35 ° C).

• Faraday Cage.

• Burn-in Testing.

• Overpressure Tests.

• Impact Tests.

• Applied Voltage Testing.

• Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests.

• Protection Degree Test (IPX5 and IPX6).

• Pneumatic Tests.

• Power supply equipment (60Hz/50Hz).

• Decibelimeter (sound intensity tests).

• Vicat test.

• Luxmeter (Photoelectric Relay operation level tests)


The Sematex Grün ensures the ability to simulate several tests at the most critical situations in the Ex sector, therefore, the quality and excellence makes Sermatex Grün worldwide increasingly recognized.